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It-Tazza l-Kbira heats

Arnie Sensation won the first of eight Emirates Airline Tazza l-Kbira heats, yesterday.

Arnie Sensation won the first of eight Emirates Airline Tazza l-Kbira heats, yesterday.

The programme at Marsa yesterday included 13 races as five other events were added to the card after Saturday’s meeting was postponed halfway through because of rain.

The main races were those from the Emirates It-Tazza l-Kbira championship. From each heat six horses qualified for the quarter-finals.

In the first, Arnie Sensation (Carmelo Farrugia) led all the way to finish clear of Mint Spirit (Frank Portelli) and Kalipso Pierji (Michael Ellul).

Iris du Louvet (Charlo Debono) slowed down in the home straight of the second heat. It was overtaken by Magnific As (Ivan Bilocca) which obtained its first win of the season from Isolated (Noel Baldacchino) and Glory Cowboyland (Shawn Portelli).

There was a close finish in the third heat between Flash Coger (Julian Farrugia) and Major Chaleonnais (C. Debono). The win was awarded to the latter after the photo-finish was consulted.

In the fourth heat, Liosco Atout (Herman McKay) held off the challenge of James de l’Iton, yesterday driven for the first time by veteran Raymond Clifton.

French debutant, Magic de Assigny (Julian Farrugia), was unchallenged over the 2,640m distance of the fifth Emirates heat. However, this horse was later disqualified and the win was awarded to Wiss Night Hawk (Charles Camilleri).

Mon Daniel (James Carabott) produced a strong burst in the final metres to gain its first win. A keen tussle between three trotters in the seventh heat was won by Livi Cantona (Julian Farrugia).

The final Emirates heat saw Marathon Villers (Mario Fenech) obtain its first win at Marsa from Count of Life (Michael Ellul) and Neo de Mira (George Muscat).

Winners at Marsa
Race 1: Heat, Arnie Sensation (Carmelo Farrugia).
Race 2: Heat, Magnific As (Ivan Bilocca).
Race 3: Silver, Lotus du Goth (Andrew Spiteri).
Race 4: Heat, Major Chaleonnais (Charlo Debono).
Race 5: Heat, Liosco Atout (Herman McKay).
Race 6: Copper, Luriga Liz (George Attard).
Race 7: Bronze, Tintin Haleryd (Clifforty Calleja).
Race 8: Silver, King Boy Du Dane (Charlo Debono).
Race 9: Heat, Wiss Night Hawk (Charles Camilleri).
Race 10: Heat, Mon Daniel (James Carabott).
Race 11: Bronze, Divinis (Charles Magro).
Race 12: Heat, Livi Cantona (Julian Farrugia).
Race 13: Heat, Marathon Villers (Mario Fenech).

Originally published in The Times on the 28 February 2011


About Kenneth Vella

A horse racing enthusiast and journalist. He started his career in 1992 and today is the main correspondent on horse racing for In-Nazzjon, Il-Mument and the Times of Malta. He also writes on a number of international magazines and produces TV programmes for E22 and TVM.Kenneth is the proud winner of two consecutive awards of the Malta Broadcasting Awards for the best sport programmes with documentaries.


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