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President’s Cup Final to be held on Sunday

Pouloud Keroc'h driven by Chris Vassallo winning the class Premier race held on Friday.

Pouloud Keroc’h driven by Chris Vassallo winning the class Premier race held on Friday.

This year it was decided that the President’s Cup Final will not be raced on Republic Day as in the recent past years but has been moved to next Sunday. This change was done for several reasons but primarily it was suggested in order to give a chance to all Premier Category horses to participate as when it was raced on 13th December the French horses used to be taking part in the Prix de Vincennes and thus could not take part in this important race for local horse racing. Another reason was that on Republic Day the President of Malta has appointments all over Malta and Gozo and so had very limited time to spend at the Track.

This is the 14th edition of the President’s Cup and the first one under the Patronage of H.E. Dr Marie Louise Coleiro Preca who is going to be present during the programme being organised for this occassion as well as present the trophies to the winners.It has been decided that the distance for this Final will be 2140m so that the two top races in the local racing calendar will have different distances as the Tazza l-Kbira is always raced over the longer distance of 2640m.

As in the past three years it will be the owners themselves or their representatives that will choose the number with which their horse will depart behind the autostart. The sequence of choosing is decided according to placings and timings in the semi finals. Once again the Malta Racing Club Council has prepared a varied programme with the children attending the Horse Racing Academy taking the major role. This year we shall once again have The Mini President’s Cup in which the students will race small ponies and the winning trophy will also be presented by The President of Malta.

H.E. is expected to arrive at the Track at 15:00 hours and she will be escorted to the winner’s circle by the Mounted Police. Upon her arrival young singer Milena Bianco will sing the National Anthem and after this the children of the horse racing academy will escort the finalist drivers on pony drawn jogcarts where in the winner’s circle they will be greeted by more students and will be given a token of the occassion by The President of Malta.

The 12 horses will parade in front of the public wearing red blankets given to them by the Malta Racing Club and when the winner is announced Milena Bianco will sing a song befitting the occasion. The total prize money is 3600 euro with the winner receiving 2025 euro, a commemorative blanket and the right to keep for a year The President Cup trophy designed by George Muscat. The first four placed horses will also receive a trophy.

As always this race is also organised in order to raise funds for l-Istrina administered by The Community Chest Fund which this year bears the slogan Solidarjeta’ bl-Isports. Next Sunday volunteers will be present at the track in order to collect donations from the spectators but we would also like to encourage all winning owners to be their usual generous selves and donate part of their prize money to l-Istrina.

This year 12 horses will be at the start of the race amongst them last year’s winner Gently di Poggio, VOB Grand Final winner Pat de Fontaine, Prix de Vincennes winner Ohime Mag and the winner of the Assikura Gold Championship Phenix de la Roque.

These are the participating horses and their probable drivers:
1. Vejby Boom (Charles Camilleri)
2. Mad Image (Rodney Gatt)
3. Pat de Fontaine (Noel Baldacchino)
4. Pedro Vici (Johann Axisa)
5. Original Blue (Chris Cassar)
6. Phenix de la Roque (Frencu Cassar)
7. Ohime Mag (Ronald Cassar)
8. Oran (Carmelo Farrugia)
9. Gently di Poggio (Brian Hili)
10. Poulot des Cinty (Clint Vassallo)
11. Mint Kronos (Julian Farrugia)
12. Made In Hoff (Thomas Bonde)

List of previous President Cup Winners:
Summer 1992 Zito Bob (Tony Tanti)
1992/1993 Sanit (Charles Clifton)
1993/1994 Alto Be (Frencu Cassar)
1994/1995 Major Bill (John Briffa)
1995/1996 Huggie Hanover (Raymond Clifton)
1996/1997 Huggie Hanover (Raymond Clifton)
1997/1998 Captain Trackline (Joseph Scicluna)
1998/1999 Bambin d’Orleans (Philip Giordmaina)
2004 Huit Mars (Michael Seychell)
2010 Lucas Ness (Mario Farrugia)
2011 Livi Cantona (Charles Camilleri)
2012 Mont Cenis Honey (Noel Baldacchino)
2013 Gently di Poggio (Brian Zammit)

It-tielet rebha f’Malta ghal Pouloud Keroc’h

It-38 laqgha tas-sena li saret il-Gimgha fil-ghaxija fil-korsa tal-Marsa kienet tikkonsisti minn disa’ tigrijiet tat-trott fuq distanza twila ta’ 2640m, b’wahda minnhom tkun normali ghal zwiemel tal-klassi Premier.Tmienja minn dawn it-tigrijiet kienu heats li taw il-bidu ghal tliet kampjonati ghal zwiemel Francizi u li qieghed jigu organizzati bl-ghajnuna tal-assocjazzjoni Franciza Le Trot. Intant l-uniku tigrija Premier ntrebhet mill-Franciz Pouloud Keroc’h li kien qieghed jirritorna wara l-waqfa tas-Sajf.

Sittax kienu z-zwiemel li bdew wara l-karozza tat-tluq fit-tigrija Premier. Quartz De Chenu (Michael Ellul) kien l-aktar veloci wara li nghata l-bidu ufficjali. Dan ha l-kmand minnufih u fetah vantagg zghir minn Quel Hermes (Mario Fenech) u Quillian Joyeux li kien taht il-gwida ta’ sidu Andre’ Farrugia. It-tigrija baqghet b’dan l-andament sakemm iz-zwiemel daru ghad-dritta finali. Kien f’dak il-hin li Quartz De Chenu naqqas mill-giri u nqabez minn Pouloud Keroc’h (Chris Vassallo) li ha t-tielet rebha f’Malta. Quillian Joyeux u d-debuttant Zvediz Schwerin Boko (Charles Magro) kellhom ukoll pjazzament tajjeb fit-tielet u r-raba’ pozizzjoni.

It-tliet kampjonati ghal zwiemel Francizi li bdew waqt l-istess program kienu l-Prix d’Enghien tal-klassi Gold, il-Prix De Cabourg tal-klassi Silver u l-Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer tal-klassi Bronze. Il-heats Gold raw is-success ta’ Quiz Du Lys (Rodney Gatt), li halla kollox ghall-ahhar 700m u li qasam il-linja finali l-ewwel b’vantagg ta’ seba’ tulijiet u ta’ Quel Homme (Noel Baldacchino) li ssorpenda fl-ahhar metri.

Matul l-istess laqgha saret preżentazzjoni lil Chris Cassar li ġie magħżul bħala l-ġerrej tax-xahar ta’ Ġunju li għadda. Din tmexxiet minn Fidel Dalli, f’isem il-Malta Racing Club.

Ir-rizultati kollha

I Tigrija. Heat Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer. Klassi Bronze. Dist – 2640m. 1. Queops De Retz (C. Fenech) Hin – 3.28.3” (1.18.9”) 2. Quitus Beauregard (Ph. Calleja) 3. Quito Du Goulet (Ch. Cassar) 4. Paco (Ch. Xerri)

II Tigrija. Heat Prix De Cabourg. Klassi Silver. Dist – 2640m. 1. Ravageur De Payre (C. Caruana) Hin – 3.24.8” (1.17.6”) 2. Quarus De Levres (Ch. Camilleri) 3. Rex Speed (J. Carabott) 4. Quick Et Rare (F. Cassar)

III Tigrija. Heat Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer. Klassi Bronze. Dist – 2640m. 1. Ogor (A. Cassar) Hin – 3.29.2” (1.19.2”) 2. Qumran De La Motte (F. Cassar) 3. Oscar Indien (A. Camilleri) 4. Reziro Josselyn (T. Demanuele)

IV Tigrija. Heat Prix De Cabourg. Klassi Silver. Dist – 2640m. 1. Quiquafini (J. Farrugia) Hin – 3.26.6” (1.18.2”) 2. Partisan De Bouere (B. Hili) 3. Okir De Leau (M. Mifsud) 4. Quasimir De Bolero (Sh. Portelli)

V Tigrija. Heat Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer. Klassi Bronze. Dist – 2640m. 1. Polytain (N. Baldacchino) Hin – 3.28.2” (1.18.9”) 2.Quid De Belle Vue (Ch. Camilleri) 3. Pactolgo (L. Ghigo) 4. Quatrain De Retz (P. Bonello)

VI Tigrija. Heat Prix D’Enghien. Klassi Gold. Dist – 2640m. 1. Quiz Du Lys (R. Gatt) Hin – 3.25.7” (1.18.6”) 2. Rodin Du Rib (C. Caruana) 3. Reader JYL (N. Baldacchino) 4. Prince Gaillard (R. Magro) 5. Quid D’Aliermont (Ch. Camilleri)

VII Tigrija. Klassi Premier. Dist – 2640m. 1. Pouloud Keroc’h (Ch. Vassallo) Hin – 3.21.9” (1.16.5”) 2. Quartz De Chenu (M. Ellul) 3. Quillian Joyeux (A. Farrugia) 4. Schwerin Boko (Ch. Magro)

VIII Tigrija. Heat Prix D’Enghien. Klassi Gold. Dist – 2640m. 1. Quel Homme (N. Baldacchino) Hin – 3.25.2” (1.17.7”) 2. Quel Imprevu (D. Vallee – FRA) 3. Quo De Clerlande (B. Hili) 4. Quomo Du Michalet (B. Hili) 5. Regent De Tillard (A. Farrugia)

IX Tigrija. Heat Prix De Cabourg. Klassi Silver. Dist – 2640m. 1. Record Du Mexique (M. Cauchi) Hin – 3.25.9” (1.18”) 2. Pegase d’Ariane (A. Cassar) 3. Quattro Du Gite (R. Gatt) 4. Rocky Mati (P. Caruana)


About Kenneth Vella

A horse racing enthusiast and journalist. He started his career in 1992 and today is the main correspondent on horse racing for In-Nazzjon, Il-Mument and the Times of Malta. He also writes on a number of international magazines and produces TV programmes for E22 and TVM.Kenneth is the proud winner of two consecutive awards of the Malta Broadcasting Awards for the best sport programmes with documentaries.


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